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Full Version: Posting Guidelines
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Hi all value seekers! Please note few things below to benefit all participants on this free investing forum:
  • Please note that this is a value investing forum. All comments / posting / claims in the forum should be based on facts or at least fair to reasonable readers
  • No personal attack, offensive words or defaming other people
  • Please post comments based on the specific topics covered. This is to benefit all readers when contributors are on the same page.
  • To avoid any biased influence for the readers, please notify in your postings if you are vested in the equity under discussion
  • Don't post / comment / take actions that are not in compliance with the law. Take action responsibly and reasonably
To build a conducive discussion forum, Marketbuzzasia participants are allowed to publish post freely, without the need of moderators / admin approval, except for starting a new topic. Please act responsibly as the forum intends to benefit all the readers.

Admin / moderators / staff of Marketbuzzasia are not responsible or liable to any issue caused by posting from users. Please be reminded that this is a free forum and open to all.

Admin / moderators / staff of Marketbuzzasia will take necessary steps, including blocking users and removing users' posts, in the event of violation of guidelines above / any action that is deemed to be a misconduct / illegal. Please inform admin / administrators in the event of misconduct. 

Let's keep this forum beneficial for all!

-Marketbuzzasia team-