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PBA Holdings - Incuvest - 11-12-2017

This water utility company is a hidden gem.

P/E trades at 6.4x, EV/EBITDA at 3.0x, net cash position.

Margin is healthy and growing for the last few reportings.

Cheap company for a non-cyclical stock!  Cool Cool

RE: PBA Holdings - VVM - 11-13-2017

Recent floods should help the revenue (people need to clean)..

However, there seems some pressure from government to put discount on water?

RE: PBA Holdings - CKY - 11-16-2017

Is this company a public company or a government-owned company? Might as well call donation from public not from government.

RE: PBA Holdings - Lucky888 - 11-17-2017

all this is one-off only.. should collect while cheap..


RE: PBA Holdings - VVM - 11-23-2017

Will PBA pay or the government to pay PBA for the discount?   Huh

RE: PBA Holdings - Lucky888 - 11-24-2017

water surcharge to increase in penang.. this is more long term than the discount..

RE: PBA Holdings - CKY - 11-24-2017

'PBAPP first submitted its application for the review to SPAN on April 28 this year and since then has submitted five other applications with the latest dated November 20.'

it will come sooner or later..

RE: PBA Holdings - Incuvest - 12-15-2017

PBAHB wishes to announce that PBAPP has on 12 December 2017 received a letter from the State Government of Penang, approving its application to reduce the Water Intake Fee from the rate of 6 sen per cu.m to 3 sen per cu.m based on the annual actual production volume for year 2018 only (“Proposed Reduction”). The State Government of Penang reserves the right to review the Water Intake Fee in year 2019 to determine such fee for the next 3 years

cost is lower for next year Cool

RE: PBA Holdings - VVM - 12-18-2017

RE: PBA Holdings - CKY - 01-08-2018

another flood in Penang.. need more water to clean..