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PBA Holdings
Based on the release, expected discount value is about RM 15 million 


As there will be discount from the government for PBA water intake, this will net-off. Expected saving is 50% * RM20M = 10M (20M being the water intake fee paid annually).

Hence, net impact is only RM5M (small amount compared to PBA size). If the water surcharge is passed by the government, surely the impact will be net positive and for longer term..
Company got legal issue from contractor but expect no financial impact considering the counter claim amount:

'The Company believes the risks of losses and adverse impact on the Company to be minimal and therefore not material. There is no material operational impact arising from the Arbitration. '

'The Company does not expect any losses to arise by reason of the commencement of the said arbitration proceeding other than legal cost and time in defending the claim. On the contrary, PBAPP had filed a counterclaim against the Claimant for losses suffered by PBAPP in consequence of the Claimant’s breach of the terms of the Agreement, particularly losses encountered by the Claimant’s failure to complete the Project within the agreed period on 15 January 2016'
price keeps coming down. at current price, implied yield is about 3.4 - 3.5% with upside. quite attractive I must say

interesting how a utility stock (non-cyclical) keeps going down in a correction / downturn market. Seems the buyers are speculator / do not see the yield / safety in the stock!
Just need to focus on dividend - dividend is still strong at MYR2.25 cent..

Cash flow from operation is still the same even after taking into account the discount given due to flood. Good stock!

Need to read between the line here..

Revenue is going down (expected due to discount given) - but cost of good sold is actually down also.

If the lower cost of good sold is not a one off, then 1Q18 number will be good!

Cash flow generated remains strong. This one is solid.

PBA to take back dam..

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