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Yihai International Holding
Hotpot craze is true!

This HaiDiLao spice and condiments maker stock has more than doubled this year!  Big Grin Big Grin

Exited sometime ago as a happy investor..  Cool
Queue is still very long in SG outlets..

But price is not that cheap.. Need to monitor first
price dropped a lot recently. profit taking?

need to be careful also because the owner established some JV for individual hotpot. the other half is owned by owner.

'The Joint Venture is currently a 60% held non wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. As the Joint Venture is owned as to 40% by Xinpai Shanghai, which is controlled as to approximately 62.70% by the controlling shareholders of the Company, Mr. Zhang Yong and Ms. Shu Ping, 29.7% by Mr. Shi Yonghong (a non-executive Director) and his wife and 2% by Mr. Gou Yiqun (a non-executive Director)'
P/E at 37x and P/B at 6.5x!


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