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Start reading the solar installation company following Trump's ban of solar panel import. This means that there will be less demand from US, more supply globally, panel price should drop, profitability should increase.

Thailand has been known for large solar companies following incentives by the government few years back. Based on valuation, this company is cheap.

SPCG - P/E at 8x
Superblock - P/E at 26x
BCPG - P/E at 34x
TSE - P/E at 14x

Price increase by >9% today. seems some big guys have realized the value of this Co!  Big Grin

The surge yesterday was caused by inclusion of SPCG into a large project in Japan (480MW):

To give perspective on how big it is, current capacity of SPCG:
-36 solar farms in Thailand (260MW)
-1 under construction solar farm in Tottori Japan (30MW)

480MW vs 290MW is huge
company release also affirms the view that solar panel could be cheaper. Import tariff by US = more solar panel supply in the region = higher supply, same demand = cheaper price  Big Grin
Company also engaged in solar roof for residential and commercial segment. Margin will be lower for now (installation phase) but maintenance margin in the coming years should be high..

2017 has tax incentives for installation.. Chunk should be realized in 4Q17.

Just announced the private placement by Kyocera

Stake will go up from 1.46% to 6.87% post placement @20.87 baht per share (discounted price). Dilution at 0.76%.

Looks like it is for stronger alliance and more overseas expansion, esp. Japan.

Let's see how the market reacts to this.

Financial is out. pretty decent growth driven by solar roof top installation.

Margin is lower (expected), but all in all is quite positive. Shareholder should look at the long term when they can charge maintenance expenses on these solar roof top!

As expected from 4Q17 results. Revenue growth is strong but margin is lower. This is because higher proportion of solar roof panel installation.

However, investors need to see the longer term when the company starts to have maintenance income from this solar roof. As usual, maintenance income will have higher margin!  Cool

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