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Cardig Aero Services
Bloomberg - Morgan Stanley Says Asian Airport Stocks May Be Set to Take Off-

Rising wealth, improving connectivity and social media penetration will spur spending on international air travel
Interesting company.. Good client portfolio

[Image: Clients-JAS.jpg]

low trading volume might be an issue though  Sleepy
Seems the air traffic grows across the region.. Change in consumer behavior towards travel + cheaper tickets might be the drivers

SG Changi passengers +6% YoY (driven by international flights)

MY airport international passengers +10% YoY

Fundamental driver is strong with this one

This one was Baring's investment in 2011. They should have made money from this after selling chunks to SATS. Overview report below (a bit old though..)

fundamental is still strong - regional carriers to order more planes to cater for demand
SATS December quarter just out.

Again, profitability is driven by its associates..

Looking forward to CASS result!


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