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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Secondhand Dump Truck

It’s easy for people to assume that starting a dirt-hauling business is relatively easy and profitable. While it’s often the case, it also requires a great amount of capital and many times, the challenge is securing the money to purchase your dump trucks. 

Brand new dump trucks are expensive. But, if you can’t afford one, you can look into buying a used and refurbished dump truck for sale. The profit of such a business is dependent on having well-maintained vehicles, regardless if they are brand new or secondhand. To help you get started, this article outlines the questions that will guide you during the buying process. 

Can you afford a new or used truck?

You’ll likely get the most years of services from a brand new dump truck. But, if your budget falls short of affording one, you can always buy a used truck, provided that it’s just a couple of years old, reconditioned, and refurbished before selling. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a business that offers used dump trucks for sale. 

What features do you need?

Not all dump trucks are the same, as others may have upgraded features you need such as automatic transmission, air conditioning, and a high amount of horsepower. These days, you can find trucks for sale online that list the available features, allowing you to narrow down your search even before seeing the trucks in person. 

How do you find a reliable dealer?

Shopping at a trusted dealer gives you the guarantee that you’re getting a good deal with your purchase. But, how do you find a reliable one? Ask for recommendations, search online, read reviews, and look into their track record. You may also be able to transact with private sellers, but you should understand that it has more associated risks, thus, you have to rely mostly on your gut feeling. 

Did you compare prices?

No matter how great a deal may seem or trustworthy a seller may look, make sure to compare prices before making a purchase. It’s necessary that you know the market value of the vehicle you’re looking to buy and that you’re getting a good deal in terms of the price and features. It explains why you should get at least three price quotes from different dealers before making a decision.

Did you check the service support and warranty coverage?

Brand new vehicles come with a warranty, but most dealers today also tack on a warranty for second-hand vehicles. When you’re buying from a private seller, it’s good if the dump truck has a warranty that is still in effect as it can cover most repairs, should there be any soon. It gives you some sort of protection and level of security in case the vehicle breaks down

There are many benefits to buying dump trucks, but it doesn’t go without risks particularly if you’re after a secondhand vehicle. But, this guide should help you throughout the process and make sure that you make the most out of the benefits that secondhand trucks can offer: 

  • Value for Money

For obvious reasons, second-hand vehicles are cheaper compared to brand new ones. It can cost up to 70% less than its original price, depending on its age, condition, and fair market value. 

  • Skip the Bulk of Depreciation

Brand new cars lose their value by up to 20% the moment you drive them out of the dealership. Plus, there’s also the sales tax that you will have to pay. But, when you buy second-hand cars, you save yourself from all these in addition to the fact that you’re buying the vehicle at a much lower price. 

  • Additional Features

 In some cases, dump trucks already have additional accessories installed and you get all of them with the deal. Sure, they may have hiked up the price of the vehicle, but they wouldn’t cost you as much when you buy them brand new.

Investing in dump trucks is an essential purchase that requires a great sum of money. But, with the right guide, there’s no other way to go but finding the right vehicle that can support the growth of your business. 

Check out all the available vehicles on the market and get started with your business today! 

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