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How to Avoid Startup Stress & Founder Burnout

Starting a business is one of the biggest challenges in an entrepreneur’s life. It’s always stressful and a bit scary to start something new, but starting a business requires a lot of determination. More importantly, nobody can’t guarantee you that everything will go as planned.

No matter how hard you try to succeed, your business can be destroyed by something completely unpredictable. It’s not really such a surprise that the majority of business owners will feel as if they are one step away from burnout, right?

On the other hand, there are so many beautiful things you can experience and learn once you decide to become an entrepreneur. Starting a business helps you grow not only professionally, but also personally. To help you make the most of your business from its first days, we bring you useful tips on how to avoid startup stress and founder burnout.

Determining Your Priorities

You should determine your priorities every day. Keep in mind that a priority list is not the same as a to-do list. A priority list is more realistic as you are focusing only on what needs to be done that day. To-do lists can get pretty long once you start listing all the things you should do, which can easily lead to frustration.

Instead, decide to complete up to three or four important tasks per day. Consider everything else you will be able to complete that day a bonus. This will make you instantly feel better as you’ve set a realistic goal for yourself that is much easier to achieve instead of crossing off 20 little things from your to-do list every day.

Outsourcing Talent

Outsourcing Talent

Doing everything on your own will not only have a negative impact on your business, but it will also result in burnout. If you want to be a successful business owner, you will need to learn how to delegate.

Once you’ve determined your priorities, see which of these things can be done by someone else. When outsourcing talent, focus on the quality of a person’s work and do your best to explain exactly what you need. You might need help with the design of your website or a developer to build a mobile app you’re planning to launch. Anything that can be done by someone else, find the right person for it and start delegating!

Having an Accountant

When talking about delegating things that can be done by someone else, what about your finances and endless documentation processes? This is one of the areas which cause a lot of stress as it requires you to spend a lot of time working on it.

But your time is too valuable to be spent on numbers and papers. Instead, hire a professional accountant who will enjoy working on these things and will also be very efficient. There are plenty of things your accountant can help you with, and not having one from the start will definitely cause a lot of stress.

Your Intuition

Your intuition is one of the most important factors that will help you build a successful business. When you’re starting a business, you will be surrounded by a lot of people and they will all have their own opinion.

You will need to disconnect from them, find a quiet place for yourself and listen to your intuition. This is your business and you are building it based on your own idea. Letting others interfere too much can harm the development of your company. Listening to someone’s advice is one thing, but listening to what everybody has to say won’t help you at all.


You are the only person who can help yourself avoid burnout when starting a business. If you learn how to prioritise things, collaborate with others and stay on track, your business development will be an enjoyable experience and you will significantly reduce the level of stress in your professional life.

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