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Five Things That You Shouldn’t Buy

In our modern life, frugal living is a tricky game to play. For beginners, it can be quite overwhelming for them. However, it’s better to make slow gradual progress than failing to make comprehensive changes in your life. With planned and deliberate improvements, your situation can actually improve a lot in just six months. It can start by stop purchasing a few small items:

  1. Small garbage bags: Many households have two or three different size of garbage bags. Bags in the kitchen can be bigger than those in the computer room. You will save money by buying only fairly large garbage bags. You can put more garbage in larger bags and there are large trash cans that should be suitable for bathrooms and computer rooms.
  2. Utilities to improve your PC: We often get offers to download small utilities to improve our PC. However, the best way to improve your PC is by replacing your hardware. A cheap way to improve performance is by uninstalling unnecessary programs and removing excess files. After you have ample free space in your hard drive, start the defragmentation tool. If this step still can’t improve the performance, you may need to reinstall the operating system. Be judgmental about what programs that you should install. As an example, you may choose a lightweight antivirus program that doesn’t need a lot of hardware resources. You should also install only Microsoft Office components that you need. Make sure that everything you have in your computer are needed and essential. If you want to back up your files, you could use low-cost Blu-Ray disc and cloud solutions.
  3. Stamps: Since a decade ago, people have mostly abandoned the use of regular mail. However, older people may still buy stamps regularly to send postcards and other things through email. It’s a good idea to transition to email whenever possible. Stamps can be used only for sending important documents, including tax forms and others. You may contribute to safeguarding that nature by asking utilities companies to send bills through emails.
  4. Extended warranties: Extended warranties can be a waste of money. Nine times out of ten, things that you buy work perfectly well. Your appliances often work well years after their original warranty has expired. As an example, a brand new laptop may have one or two-year warranty, but it may work well until up to 5 to 6 years. Make sure that you choose a brand that is known for its high quality and reliability. You need to judge about the proper quality of stuff that you want to buy. Read user reviews before you buy an appliance or electronic device and make sure that it works well.
  5. Firewood: In many areas, it is possible to get firewood for free. During fall, many people cut large branches to avoid damaging their house during winter. With an axe, you can ask the houseowner to cut up the branch, which can be used as firewood. You shouldn’t be worried about this, especially if you live in areas with a lot of trees.
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