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How to Dispute Expensive Phone Bills?

Smartphones have become very important parts in our daily lives. However, they can represent a big problem, if we are subjected to a huge phone bill. When this happens, you should make sure that you do these:

  • Keep the copy of the bill: The bill is an essential component for disputing excessive costs of carrier subscription. You can analyze the bill to know which part of the bill that you want to dispute.
  • Decide how much the cost should be: Before disputing, you should decide up front about the ideal cost of your mobile subscription. Set a target of the amount that you will be happy about. Recognize that if the billing is valid, based on the agreed upon pricing, it will be harder for you to reach a settlement.
  • Call the customer service staff: You should immediately notify the customer service staff about your problem. In some situations, the problem can be resolved immediately by the customer staff, if the billing system inaccurately charges you. When talking with the staff, you should politely inform them about your problem. Avoid making any accusation and the conversation won’t go well if the staff acts defensively. Discuss your bill and make sure that the staff understands about your concern. Point out any potential mistake and fix it immediately.
  • Write down the name of the staffs: If it appears that the problem can’t be resolved immediately by the customer staff, you should write down his/her name. The staff may need some time to confirm the problem with the technician, billing department and the manager. You can be transferred to the billing manager as well, so you need to write down his name too. Take a note of the extension number of specific individual in the phone service company.
  • Be prepared to negotiate: In some cases, it can be proven that you’re the one who is at fault for the extra charges, such as negligence when using the mobile data. In this situation, you should plea to the phone service company to help you out. If you have been a good subscriber to their service, they may agree to reduce the charges. Of course, you shouldn’t expect that the carrier will completely take responsibility for your mistakes in using their services. Try to negotiate civilly and this is the best way if you want to get the lowest charges possible.
  • Call again at different time: The phone service company may ask you to wait and contact them later. In this case, you should definitely call at different time. Ask the representatives about the right time to call them again. When calling the company again, try to contact the same person. This will save your time significantly. After investigating all possibilities, you may hope that the manager can provide you with a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Contact the BBB: You may need to contact the Better Business Bureau as the last resort, if it’s very difficult for you to resolve the problem. You can do this by sending the complaint letter to the company to ask for formal explanation.
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