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How To Pick Restaurant For Business Lunch: Hints and Tips

Is there anything to make your business life more pleasant? Of course, you can buy new furniture for your office or change wallpapers. Does it make sense? How about buying a new car? A good business class car is what you need to big up your status. If you can’t afford to buy a costly car, you can take it for rent to impress your business partners. The power of car rental is impressive in our days! Car rental under 21 gives you a car, no matter if you are 19 or 21. Just go to and take your partners from the airport to the restaurant. What else can make your business trip more pleasant than a mouthwatering plate of food?

Let’s see if business lunch really matters. Who pays? What to order? What are the popular dishes to order for lunching with your business partners?

Executives at lunchtime


  • Wait for your company

If you are the first who arrived, wait for your partners. It’s not a good idea to sit down before them.

  • No gender

If the meeting is arranged on your territory, you are responsible for it. Forget about men and women. You are the host and you have to pay bills, and do everything to make the dinner comfortable for your guests.

  • Remember about your tasks

It is very important to keep up the conversation on different topic, but don’t let it delay the dinner. Don’t forget to solve your business tasks and monitor the situation at the table. Of course, the best time to raise the subject of your meeting is over dessert and coffee.

  • Do like others

Try to be like others when it comes to making order. Don’t order the most expensive or the cheapest dishes. It can hardly make your guests feel comfortable.

  • Mind your manners

Remember, your manners can tell much about you. Use serving pieces, and mind your manners to make a good impression.

QUARTS DE CHAUME Chateau de Suronde, Loire Valley France, 2003



Of course, assuring the comfort and wellbeing of your business partners is not as much easy task as you think. Every small detail matters. Choosing a restaurant, you should look through menus, prices, and many more things.

  1. Good service

In the restaurant where the food is amazing, the service is good too. Most of the restaurants that welcome business travelers and arrange business meetings do realize this. They try to do everything to make you come back and enjoy their high service again and again. Whatever high the service may be, don’t forget to check the menu first.

Waiter serves the "Vegan bowl" with sprouts, at Barcamp OMWest 2019 by AXA, in Cologne, Germany


  1. Good food

Obviously, you won’t take your partners to the restaurant where the food is not good. There are many specific restaurants in your city with specific menu. Picking one is a bit challenging. Of course, you want to find a golden mid, meaning a restaurant where both, the food and service are good. What if you know nothing about the partners’ preferences? Of course, it’s not good. But if so, try to pick the restaurant of a traditional American cuisine. This kind of cuisine is safe and excludes all exotic dishes that your partners may like or not like. How about Steak House? Your business lunch supposes to be a very powerful meal then. Planning a meal, try to ask your partners about their food preferences. What if one of them prefers vegetarian food to others?

Served Salmon Salad


  1. Good atmosphere

You are lucky if you could find a good atmospheric restaurant for dinner. Welcoming foreign partners, you’d better fid a typical American restaurant with national symbols and historical relics. Dealing with Americans, try to surprise them with food or atmosphere, beautiful decor or impressive environment. People used to think that the best deal may happen in a 5 star restaurant only. Who knows, what if your partners prefer friendly environment to haute cuisine. Try to combine these two qualities and you’ll get extra points.

Picking the restaurant, try to go online first and read comments, critics, and clients’ feedbacks at the restaurant page. Popular food critics and bloggers have a good habit to visit all well-known eating places and recommend or not to recommend them for visiting. Read their valuable opinion before to book a table.

Speaking about big American cities, New Yorkers like visiting The Grill Room. Visiting Los Angeles, go to Pizzeria Mozza. Chicago welcomes you with Joe’s Seafood. Whenever you are, you can find a worthy place for arranging your business meeting there. It is not as much difficult as you think. Remember that a richly furnished table, vintage car, luxury environment can’t solve all your problems and tasks. But it really helps to create the impression that you are the one they need for business.

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