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Online Assistant: 7 Services to Make Business Travel Simpler

Traveling, especially for business ourposes, is always connected with the solution of many issues. Where to buy cheap airline tickets? How to rent a car from a reliable supplier? Where to stay overnight? Where to go and what to see? You must find answers to these and many more problems even before you start packing your bags. However, packing is also a challenge.

In order to facilitate your upcoming trip, we have prepared a list of several online services. They are designed to make the preparation for the trip easy, so that it brings you maximum pleasure and pleasant experiences!

You often need to rent a car to travel at your own pace. But picking up the first vehicle from the nearest rental from your hotel is not the best idea for a budget trip. is a service for finding a rental car online. It will help you choose the best deal from all available offers, comparing them in many ways with similar ones.

Special algorithms select cars that suit your request, and within a few seconds you see profitable options. Moreover, if you book 2-3 weeks before the pickup date, then the prices will be especially attractive!



If your flight is delayed or canceled, and your baggage travel through the continents, the airline must pay compensation. Everyone knows this, but not everyone realize how to use it. For such situations, there is the AirHelp service.

This is a brazen travel friend who cheerfully goes to the airline and seeks compensation for you. Enter your flight number into the system, add all the known information about the reasons for the delay, and the service will check whether you are entitled to compensation, and then get a payment from the company.

Sending a request is free of charge. Compensation usually doesn’t exceed $600, but if it will be available, you will have to share 25% of the amount with the service. Usually, compensation must be paid up to three years from the date of the incident, so if you have ever had problems with flights, you can check if the airline owes you.


Roomer is simply a money loss avoidance service. Let’s say you are going to have a nice rest, pay for a non-refundable room reservation, but at the last moment you have to abandon you plans. Roomer will save from 30 to 80% of the booking price – just post your reservation there and set a rate.

No manual name replacements and correspondence with the hotel, the service team does everything by itself. As a result, someone will get the reservation cheaper, and you will return part of the money. And vice versa, if you want to relax comfortably for less money, go to Roomer and look for those who sell their reservations in the desired region.

Imagine: after a transatlantic flight, you will find out during the transfer that the flight is delayed by 15 hours. The only thing you want is to go to the shower and then sleep – the airport is not the most convenient place for this.

In this case, will come in handy. The service offers hotel rooms for a day or several hours in the daytime with a discount of up to 80%. The service was opened by a former hotelier, whom travelers often addressed with such a request. So you should check it out too if necessary.


Sometimes having a bar or a pretty park near your hotel can decide the fate of your reservation. The main thing is that upon arrival, the bar appears at the expected place, and the park doesn’t turn out to be the local ghetto, where it’s unsafe to be after sunset.

Streetography is the application based on maps and user-generated content. It will help you check the situation in advance. There you can see what users take pictures in the area you are interested in, and get a peculiar preview of the area. If you are already in place, use the service to find the most picturesque places in the city and bring a colorful photo report.


Navigating even through already explored areas may be more interesting with Sidekix. Instead of the most direct route, the application offers to get from point A to point B, visiting the most interesting spots along the road. What will be among these spots: shops, coffee houses, bars or events – is you choose. Set start and finish points and an approximate amount of free time, and the application will do the rest for you.


PackPoint helps pack your backpack and don’t forget anything. Given the season, the climate of the country and your activities, the application will make the perfect list of things to bring for each specific trip. Indicate in the application the place, date of arrival, number of days and type of trip: business or leisure – and receive a check list of the necessary things.

It will help not only to prepare your passport and documents, but also not to take too much with you in case of hellish heat in Iceland. As a bonus, you can set the alleged activities that your trip includes: photo hunting, cycling, hiking, etc. The application will select a list of essentials for each of them.

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