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Six Ways to Save Money on Laundry

Laundry is one the common daily tasks and we could save money by using a number of steps. Here are things you should do to make sure that you spend less on laundry:
  1. Use cold water: It is often thought that washing with hot water will be cleaner. The original idea is that hot water will help in emulsifying grime and grease. In reality, the motion of the water is the one that clean up your clothes. There’s little or no difference whether you are using cold or hot water. By using cold water, you can reduce gas and electric costs to heat up water.
  2. Don’t wash too often: It’s a common practice to separate brightly colored clothing with the whites. This may cause you to wash your clothes twice each day. Instead, you should wait until the whites or colors reach the amount of a normal load.
  3.  Reduce detergent usage: Many times, people use too much detergent. Experiment by reducing the amount of detergent steadily, until you reach a good balance between cleanliness and low detergent quantity. This is also an eco-conscious idea, because you won’t overload the environment with detergents and boxes. Detergents are common pollutants in our environment and millions of tons are dumped each year to sewage, river and ocean. Phosphates and other chemicals in detergents could be detrimental to our environment. Alternatively, look for environmentally-friendly solutions to clean up your clothes and don’t rely on detergents too much.
  4. Stop using fabric softeners: Most of the time, fabric softeners are not needed. They will only cause us to spend more money and we will dump more chemicals to the waterways. Softeners will also leave chemical residues, which are not healthy for our skin health. In reality, our skin could also absorb small amount of chemicals. If our skin is continuously exposed to chemicals, potentially harmful chemicals could accumulate inside our body. Most of the time fabric softeners are just a waste of money. Residual chemicals may also cause allergic reactions, which may cause us to spend more on medical treatments. The cost of prescriptions and doctor visit can be reduced by stop using too much chemicals in our daily lives.

5. Look for ways to extend the life of our clothing: Chemicals that you use for laundry can be harsh for your clothing. Chemical abrasion could slowly disintegrate threads and diminish colors. Many people refuse to use faded clothing, even if it’s structurally in good condition. Costs for buying clothes can be quite high annually, if you purchase new ones bi-weekly. It’s a good idea to buy new

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