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TOP 5 British Cities You Have to Discover BY CAR



Britain is a beautiful territory filled with big and small cities. Each of these cities can boast its rich history and picturesque cityscapes. But first, you should make a list of places you want to visit in the first instance. British people do care about the places they live in. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by local hospitality and an apple-pie order. By the way, if you want to see something really special, you’d better pay attention to a number of cities, especially the less visited.


Walkable UK Cities

Here, in the UK you’ll find many big and respectable cities like London. They are always full of tourists and special places, welcoming each and every one. Traveling through the country by car, you are able to see more interesting places. Also, you’ll meet cities that are underrated, therefore least recommended. How to travel? Of course, UK cities are easily reachable by train or city bus. Nevertheless, it is better to hire a car at the airport and go to explore the UK territory in comfort. On arrival, you can continue your trip by car or leave it at the city parking and follow your travel route on foot. 

  1. Visit Leicester

Opal Court

Is it possible to visit Leicester for fun? This is one of the underrated cities in the UK and it will impress you a lot. You’ll want to come back, for sure. Hire a car for your comfort. Luckily, local car hire companies will give you an opportunity to travel even if you are under 25. You can hire a car for under 25 in Leicester, saying yes to their special car-hire options. The city can boast its ancient ruins, Richard III museum, old cathedral. Have a walk along the New Walk – one of the most beautiful streets in the whole of Britain. By the way, this quiet city can be a start point of your trip. What’s next?

  1. Visit Chester

You must hear about Chester. This English city surprises you with its rich history. Also, this is one of the most beautiful places in Cheshire. You can walk around or hire a car to get to a Roman wall, old cathedrals, and high towers. Everything in Chester is filled with historical events. Visit local museums, have a rest in the coffee shop, admire its colorful doors, and stone facades.

  1. Visit Wells

This city is worth visiting because of its beautiful ancient cathedral, situated just in the city center. This massive building is the best-visited tourist attraction. You’ll be impressed by its massive and dominating frontage and a tiny beauty inside. Also, Wells is good for shopping. Looking for the best fresh products, go to the city market. To dive into the local history, visit a museum

Canal, Birmingham


  1. Visit Birmingham

You are lucky if you come to Birmingham before Christmas. The city is known all over the country for its great Christmas markets. Besides, Birmingham is filled with interesting historic places, old buildings, museums, cozy shops, and shopping centers. This is the place where modern life goes on the border of history. You’ll take pictures of the fanciest pubs, and cafes. Visit local shops and restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the local library.

  1. Visit Glasgow

This coastal city is full of life and activities. You’ll find street markets and modern shops, vintage cafes and luxury restaurants, crowded pubs, and old libraries here. The buildings are dated by the 19th century. They are full of historic furniture and interior elements. Beauty is everywhere. Don’t spend the whole day in the car. Try to book a small cozy hotel for one night. An evening walk is what you need to learn more about Glasgow.



Traveling around Britain

Britain is a small country so that you may use public transport or hire a car. Whenever you stop, you’ll see many beautiful places and book-pictured landscapes. It’s not difficult to get from one British city to another. Planning to visit different areas of the UK, it is better to hire a comfortable car. Car rental is a popular option you can find in airports, train stations. To get the best deals, try to book a car before you arrive in the UK.

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